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Reproductive-cycle optimisation

Medication can be used to improve the natural reproductive process when ovulation is either absent or delayed.

  • Personalised medication
  • Therapy that is as gentle as possible
  • Improvement in natural fertility


This process is also sometimes known as semen transfer. A prepared semen sample is transferred directly into the uterus to achieve the desired pregnancy.

  • Straightforward procedure
  • Ideal in the case of slightly reduced sperm quality
  • Improves the chances of falling pregnant

IVF – In vitro fertilisation

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) enables an egg cell to be fertilised with sperm cells outside of the body. After fertilisation, the embryo is transferred to the uterus.

  • Personalised hormone administration to enable the egg cells to mature
  • Egg cells are extracted to enable them to be fertilised outside the body
  • This is usually the preferred method when there is fallopian tube dysfunction
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ICSI stands for intracytoplasmic sperm injection. A single sperm cell is introduced directly into the egg cell. After fertilisation, the embryo is transferred into the uterus.

  • Used when there is severe reduction in sperm quality
  • Can also be used as a complement to IVF treatment

PGT – Preimplantation genetic testing

Preimplantation genetic testing is the genetic examination of embryos before they are transferred to the uterus as part of ICSI treatment. It is suitable when one of the parents has genetic abnormalities that could lead to frequent miscarriages or severe disabilities in their children.

  • This is not some sort of additional screening before IVF or ICSI treatment
  • An application for PGT must be made to the Bavarian Ethics Committee
  • The process is carried out in cooperation with a medical genetics centre

Donor sperm treatment

Treatment with medically tested donor sperm from a sperm bank can take the form of insemination or IVF/ICSI treatment. It allows couples where the man cannot produce sperm or same-sex female couples to start a family. We work together with the Erlangen Sperm Bank, one of the leading such institutions in Germany, to ensure the highest standards of sample quality, disclosure, and transparency.

  • Enables same-sex couples to start a family
  • An alternative when the man cannot produce sperm or after unsuccessful ICSI treatment
  • Our clinic works in close cooperation with Erlangen Sperm Bank

Additional Services

PBD – Polar Body Biopsy

Polar body biopsy provides valuable information about the genetic quality of the egg cells, which often show abnormalities in the distribution of chromosomes, meaning that the egg cells would not be suitable for implantation or the birth of a healthy child.

Egg-cell freezing – Erlangen Egg Bank

Do you want to have children? Absolutely! But not just at the moment. Does your current situation make it preferable to wait a while before starting a family? With egg-cell freezing, you can choose the right time to try for your dream child.

Psychotherapeutic treatment

It can be a heavy burden for couples to carry if they long to have children, but have been repeatedly disappointed in their efforts to do so. We can offer you professional psychotherapeutic support.

Outpatient operations at the Outpatients’ Clinic

In cooperation with the Erlangen Outpatients’ Clinic, our clinic can perform outpatient operations to help diagnose, identify and treat possible organic causes of sterility.

Sperm or testicular tissue freezing

Modern treatment techniques these days can help both men and women to overcome cancer. Cryopreservation allows you to freeze and then store egg cells and sperm so you can try for a child after the cancer treatment.

Freezing of fertilised egg cells from IVF/ICSI treatment

A proven and established method of significantly increasing the overall chances of pregnancy is to preserve fertilised egg cells from IVF/ICSI treatment after first freezing them.

Embryoscope® – Time-Lapse System

Embryoscope® makes it possible to track the development of fertilised egg cells by time lapse photography and is a state of the art incubator system.

Additional types of treatment

KINDERWUNSCH Erlangen is your reproductive-medicine specialist. We can offer a wide range of diagnostic and treatment methods to couples who wish to have children.