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Psychotherapeutic Counselling

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The road to fulfilling your dream of having children is associated with joys and hopes – but also with anxieties. For many couples, this is a time that brings great emotional stress. For this reason, we offer you additional in-depth psychotherapeutic counselling as part of your fertility treatment. KINDERWUNSCH Erlangen works closely with the family counsellor, Dr Doris Wallraff, whose counselling services are available to you.

Who may take advantage of this service?

The counselling service is open to all women and men who wish to have a child but are currently unable to do so (including heterosexual couples, same-sex couples and single people). You can come to us individually or as a couple. Couples who already have a child are also most welcome.

In what ways can having counselling with KINDERWUNSCH Erlangen help?

  • Cope better with your current childless state and come to terms with the feelings associated with it
  • Find the right form of treatment for you, or maybe decide against (further) treatment.
  • Reduce conflict in your relationship as a couple and communicate better together about problems.
  • Deal with emotional pain and grief
  • Reduce stress and tackle any lifestyle changes that may be necessary.
  • Develop strategies to speak about your situation with those outside your family circle
  • Reduce tension, gain more peace of mind, and take better care of your body
  • Enjoy the sexual experience despite the stresses of the situation
  • Find pleasure outside of the desire to have children and make the most of life without them
  • Develop new goals and ways of looking at things
  • Come to terms with miscarriage or the loss of a child and deal with the anxieties that may come with another pregnancy
  • Make a clear decision as to whether sperm or egg donation is appropriate for you and, if necessary, prepare for that mentally
  • Be more aware of your own limits

Your reproductive-medicine clinic in Erlangen

We would be happy to help answer all your questions about your desire to have children. Please contact us if you would like to benefit from psychotherapeutic support. We will be happy to advise you.