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Reproductive-cycle optimisation

What is reproductive-cycle optimisation? It’s all about timing!

REPRODUCTIVE-CYCLE OPTIMISATION is used to restore a disturbed monthly cycle to its regular pattern.

The most typical problems of this sort are:

  • Delayed maturing of egg cells
  • An absence of ovulation
  • A weakness in the corpus luteum

These problems can be treated by tablets (clomiphene, etc.) or injections (follicle-stimulating hormone, or FSH for short). The menstrual cycle is then closely monitored by using ultrasound and laboratory tests. The optimal time to achieve pregnancy, whether by sexual intercourse or insemination, can then be calculated.

Reproductive-cycle optimisation at KINDERWUNSCH Erlangen

The natural way to get pregnant is still the best. Reproductive cycle monitoring and optimisation can help many couples fulfil their longing to have children. Our reproductive-medicine experts will be happy to answer your questions on all aspects of reproductive-cycle optimisation.