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Our Partners

Our Partners

Erlangen Sperm Bank

Erlangen Sperm Bank is managed by doctors who have many years of experience in the field of freezing of human germ cells and are experts in helping couples to fulfil their wish of having children.

Erlangen Egg-Cell Bank

There are many reasons for women to postpone their desire to have children for the time being. We work closely with Erlangen Egg-Cell Bank. If you have any questions about fertility preservation, such as egg-cell freezing, we will be happy to help you.

Erlangen Outpatient Surgery Centre

In our clinic, we work closely with the outpatient surgery centre in Erlangen to offer diagnostic and therapeutic outpatient surgery to identify and treat possible organic causes of sterility.

IVF Nuremberg

The experts at IVF Nuremberg provide knowledgeable and empathetic advice to help you plan your way to your longed-for child.

Erlangen Urology Clinic

University lecturer Dr Keck’s private urology clinic offers a wide range of diagnostics and treatment for all aspects of urology and tumour therapy.

Nuremberg Urology Clinic

Nuremberg Urologists’ Clinic specialises in urology, andrology and drug-based tumour therapy.

Prenatal medicine

A specialist clinic for gynaecology and prenatal medicine with locations in Nuremberg, Bayreuth and Ansbach.

Doris Walraff – Psychotherapist

KINDERWUNSCH Erlangen works together with family therapist Dr Doris Wallraff, whose counselling service is available for couples who are trying to have a child.

Nuremberg Endometriosis Centre

Nuremberg Gynaecology Clinic, Endometriosis Centre Level II. Management: Professor Cosima Brucker.

Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Shen Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Erlangen Clinic, Dr Oliver Gerlach, MD.

Pain management and acupuncture

Dr Ulrike Sattler MD, general practitioner, Dr Andrea Benedicter, MD

Nutritional counselling and therapy.

Claudia Wollscheid, nutritionist (German Society for Nutrition)