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Reproductive-cycle monitoring

Getting pregnant the natural way

The best way of getting pregnant is still the natural one. Before we explore other possibilities of artificial insemination, we apply less invasive methods. Egg-cell fertilisation can only occur if the egg cell travels from the ovary into the fallopian tube. If this does not happen within a specific time window – if the woman’s menstrual cycle is irregular, for example – the chances of pregnancy decrease. This is where reproductive-cycle monitoring comes in. By means of ultrasound examination and hormone diagnostics, we can determine the exact time of your ovulation as well as possible disturbances in the reproductive-cycle sequence.

How does reproductive-cycle monitoring work?

The purpose of observing the reproductive cycle is to determine whether the egg follicle is maturing correctly, the exact time of ovulation, and the corpus luteum phase. We do this by ultrasound-controlled observation of the follicles and hormone-level analysis by taking blood samples. The hormone levels are analysed in our own hormone laboratory and the results are available within a short time – usually on the same day.

Such things as thyroid-function and pituitary-gland disorders or increased male hormone production can influence reproductive-cycle length and prevent proper ovulation, preventing the desired pregnancy from taking place.

Reproductive-cycle observation can be carried out diagnostically during the natural cycle or as a form of treatment during an artificially stimulated cycle (after administration of tablets or hormone injections).

  • Precise analysis of the menstrual cycle
  • Hormone analysis in our own laboratory
  • Personalised advice

Reproductive-cycle monitoring in Erlangen

Our fertility experts will be happy to help and advise you on all aspects of the reproductive-cycle observation process and how it can help you in your wish to have children.