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Spermiogram Test

Sperm analysis in Erlangen

A spermiogram is an examination of a man’s sperm quality. This provides vital information about fertility.

How does a spermiogram test work?

After three to five days of sexual abstinence, a semen sample no more than one hour old is examined in the laboratory. Among other things,  we assess the volume, the number of seminal fibres, sperm motility and shape (morphology). This evaluation is carried out by experienced laboratory staff in our in-house andrology laboratory. The findings are available on the same day. The result of the spermiogram examination is one of the most important findings to help fertility clinic doctors to choose the right method of treatment for a couple.


What are some possible reasons for reduced sperm quality?

The reasons for poor semen quality are as varied as our patients. A basic distinction must be made between dysfunction in ‘production’ and ‘transportation’. A ‘production’ disorder occurs when insufficient sperm is produced in the testicles or when it is produced incorrectly. A ‘transportation’ disorder occurs when the sperm cannot be released, for example if the seminal ducts are blocked:

  • Analysis in our in-house andrology laboratory
  • Rapid diagnosis by experienced staff
  • These tests give crucial diagnostic information when couples are unable to have children
  • Undescended testicles as an infant
  • Mumps
  • Unhealthy lifestyle (nicotine, alcohol, obesity)
  • Medication
  • Varicose veins on the scrotum (varicocele)
  • Genetic causes
  • Obstruction of the seminal ducts (due to either inflammation or congenital causes)

Sperm analysis at KINDERWUNSCH Erlangen

Our fertility experts will be happy to help and advise you on all aspects of the spermiogram process and how it relates to your desire to have children.