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Fallopian tube diagnostics

Fallopian tube diagnostics in Erlangen

In order for pregnancy to occur, the fallopian tubes must be open and fully functional. If the passage of the fertilised egg cell to the uterus after ovulation is impeded in any way, or if the sperm cannot reach the egg cell, pregnancy cannot occur. By means of state-of-the-art technology, we can use ultrasound to painlessly and gently check whether or not the fallopian tubes have been obstructed in some way. In some cases, this can be an alternative to surgical diagnostics by means of an abdominal examination or laparoscopy (for more information, see Services -> OUTPATIENT SURGERY). Surgical fallopian
tube diagnostics can also be carried out in a clinic close to where you live – we would be happy to provide you with more information on this.


When is fallopian tube diagnosis necessary?

The main cause of impaired fallopian tube function is infection of the fallopian tubes by chlamydia and gonococci with subsequent clogging up of the fallopian tubes. Other possible causes are endometriosis with deposits of uterine lining on the fallopian tubes and growths resulting from that, or previous operations. If you are at present unable to have a child, we at KINDERWUNSCH Erlangen can identify the causes using ultrasound-guided fallopian tube diagnostics. This technique is sometimes called hystero-contrast sonography.

This examination usually only takes a few minutes and is carried out by our doctors at the clinic. As the costs of hystero-contrast sonography are not usually covered by statutory health insurance companies in Germany, we will discuss further details about carrying out the procedure and the costs with you personally in the clinic.

As well as its use in other areas, fallopian-tube diagnostics are the starting point for further fertility treatment.

We will advise you on which type of fallopian-tube diagnostics makes sense in your case and make all the necessary arrangements for you.

  • Either ultrasound-controlled or surgical
  • To reveal how the fallopian tubes are working
  • Comprehensive advice

Fallopian tube diagnostics at KINDERWUNSCH Erlangen

Our fertility experts will be happy to help and advise you on all aspects of the fallopian tube diagnostics process and how it relates to your wish to have children.